“I love my profession.”  Debi says.  “Everyday, and every food creation is different. To be able to create  beautiful food that tantalizes the senses, is a challenge and a reward.”

Debi Halpert is a food stylist based in the Los Angeles area, who began her food styling career fresh out of Cal Poly Pomona (Bachelor Of Science degree) with an internship at McDonald’s.  Over twenty years later, she’s still going strong, loving the challenges and the people she works for, and with. 

Though Debi was raised in California, she specializes in getting the job done well and quickly, in any country, as evidenced by an around the world shoot she did for Burger King.  She has also worked extensively in various parts of the United States - from the “big business” world of New York, to the “mom and pop” business in Iowa.  It’s all interesting and stimulating for Debi.

Aside from travel, Debi loves the fact that she is able to work in so many mediums -  commercials, television, movies and print ads.  As for working with celebrities, Debi has successfully worked with Michael Bay, Sean Combs,  and Shaq.  Recently, she completed her first project with royalty, having created a medieval feast for a Pepsi commercial staring Sir Elton John.